05/21 2010


A Muslim posted a video on youtube about Muslims being discriminated against; when asked how Muslims would treat a gay man visiting a mosque, he scoffed at the question and said gays are immoral and Muslims have higher standards than the “compromising” Jews and Christians. His video pleads: “treat EVERYONE with dignity and respect”—I asked if he could not see his hypocrisy and he blocked me from commenting. Sigh.

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02/24 2010

Old Grampy Johnson

spaz: wait, youre complaining that theyre gonig to ruin your childhood by making speedy gonzales LESS racist??!
mike: I'm complaining about changes being made to what I grew up on
spaz: you sound just like the old folks, mike. good job
spaz: look at it this way, theyre not making it for you
mike: they should
spaz: theyre making it for the new generation, and this time it won't be full of racial stereotypes
mike: star wars should have been made for the old fans, not the new ones
mike: fuck the new generation
spaz: why am *I* the one telling YOU to be more liberal and progressive right now? this is all backwards
mike: lol
mike: I just dont like when they change the original stuff
spaz: ...said old grampy johnson, waving his cane furiously at nobody in particular. and then he stormed off into the next room, toting his trusty mac so he could use the googles to youtube up some 1950s looney toons. The End.
02/24 2010

3 Criticisms of Christian Concepts

Did Adam and Eve sin?

They disobeyed God by eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (Right and Wrong). So, yes… right?

Just one problem. How could Adam and Eve have been expected to comprehend the implications of their actions if, prior to their indiscretion, they had no concept of wrong, evil, punishment, suffering, pain, and death? They were much like infants in their understanding of right and wrong, and you wouldn’t punish an infant for doing something “wrong”, would you?

Even if God had been successful in adequately explaining all of these concepts and the distinction between right and wrong to them beforehand, this means that he would have had to have given them knowledge of good and evil anyway, which turns this entire story into one big ridiculous farce.

Can a blood sacrifice “pay” for a person’s sin?

In what sense are morality and justice served if someone offers to take the place of a condemned criminal in the electric chair? Does this change the fact that the criminal has not been held responsible for his actions?

Are the Ten Commandments adequate as a moral guide?

The first four instruct on the proper worshiping of God and have no relevance to morality. The remaining six are dangerously held up as exhaustive and inspired. For example, one wonders how “lying” and “envy” make the big list of don’ts, but not rape, torture, child abuse, racism, slavery, etc.

And who still seriously believes that black and white moral guidelines are of much use in a greyscale world?

"Thou shalt not kill", but what about in genuine self-defense?

"Thou shalt not bear false witness", but what about lying to the Nazi officer who asks if you are hiding Jews?

True morality requires judging each case on its own merits, not just overlaying the same clumsy morality stencil on every situation.

Edit: Now with 100% MORE commentary from my father! See below:

- When the Creator of the universe tells you to do something, you should do it.  Satan tempted Eve by promising they would be like God.  That was their downfall, and his.

- It is in fact a mystery, but God is quite clear about what Jesus is doing and why.  Repent, and accept Him as Lord, and your sins are forgiven.  It’s the best offer anyone could ever get.  Wise people take it.

- All the crimes you list are covered.  And the Bible makes it clear it is a black and white world.  Is is “Thou shall not murder.”  Obviously you can lie to save someone’s life.  Duh!

02/22 2010

A book in which one must try to justify all the disgusting and immoral parts so as to defend its overall validity is hardly “holy” or worth defending.

02/11 2010

Freedom to pursue unrestrained greed is not a virtue.

02/09 2010

anti-democratic musings

pragmatically speaking, i don’t think there’s ever a situation wherein it is noble to protect the concept of democracy for democracy’s sake but to the detriment of the prosperity and civility of the people.

if the democratic process will be a civilization’s downfall or a huge blow to its prosperity, the process must be denied to secure more favorable outcomes.

in extreme cases, allowing the people to elect leaders and enact policies may not only not be the best option for the people, but it may result in disastrous consequences for other nations; if this is to be avoided, a nation must then decide which person or body of persons are best qualified to make informed decisions for the good of the people.

but how does a nation decide who the qualified people are if not democratically? and if only some people get to decide who decides, then who decides who those people are, ad infinitum. that’s the paradox i currently find myself struggling with in my quest to reject democracy in favor of something better.

but there is one thing i’m certain of: 

if the democratic process would elect a leader that is so grossly unqualified as to cause the nation’s downfall, then democracy was not an adequate system, or at the very least could be said to have had a major flaw, and democracy should not have been blindly idealized simply for its own sake.

02/03 2010

Quotes From A Creationist About Evolution

Despite Rush Limbaugh’s insistence that we are investing too much money in education, the following quotes from a single creationist are a great example of why we need, not only to continue investing in education, but to invest even more:

"Evolution is accepted blindly by non thinking people. I know I was one."

"My contention is that evolution is not science at all but simply a religion that masquerades as science and has no place in science."

"[sic]Evolutionaly biology assumes a lot about the beginning of time. The major assumption it has is that all species were not created in tact at the beginning of time."

"It is fraudulant to boast that evolution is scientific fact."

"You seem to think I have not studied evolution. Well have you ever read darwins origin of species. I have."

"My problem is that scientists talk about evolution. When it is clearly not science."

"You are joining in the throng of people who continue to assert beliefs as fact without one shred of supportable evidence." [OH THE IRONY!!!]

"If there is any evidence name one and I’ll show you why it cannot be deemed as evidence."

"Evolution believes that natural selection allows species to be created. This is sad because it is simply not possible given all we know about DNA and the way it creates further DNA."

"Fossils can really only be created under intense pressure. And therefore fossils are clear indication of the great flood."

Source: Wally L.’s review of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

01/30 2010
4. I apologize for giving money to the church. I apologize for helping to support and pay for a building that stands empty six days a week. I apologize for giving my hard earned cash to pay an enormous utility bill on a mostly empty church building. I wish I would have given all that money to alleviate real human suffering. To purify drinking water, to build a third world hospital, to educate a child living in a slum, to improve an orphanage, to further research on diseases, to clothe the naked, feed the hungry, heal the sick, reform the prisoners, but instead so much of my available funds have up until now, been sucked into a huge building that gets used once a week by wealthy over -fed Americans who get upset if the sanctuary is not adequately cooled in July.

Former Christian Apologizes for Being Such a Huge Shit Head for all Those Years

01/30 2010
Most epic “happy birthday” EVER

Most epic “happy birthday” EVER

01/25 2010
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